Mykola Kolisnyk

Mykola Kolisnyk

March 8, 2024 | Evelin Szőke

From May 13, 2022 Mykola Kolisnyk is the Deputy Minister of Energy of Ukraine. He started working in foreign commercial enterprises of the oil and gas complex. For three years he worked at the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and in the past 6 years he held senior positions in the Ministry of Energy. He worked on the implementation of European legislation, in particular EU Regulations and Directives, on the security of natural gas supply, on daily balancing on the natural gas market, implementation of technical regulations on the quality of light petroleum products and coordinated cooperation with the NATO Energy Security Center on strengthening the security of critical energy infrastructure facilities.

From May 2018 until his appointment to the post of Deputy Minister he was the Head of the Directorate of the Oil and Gas Complex and Development of Oil, Natural Gas and Oil Products Markets responsible for policymaking, interactio with the enterprises of the oil and gas complex, implementation of projects to increase gas production, and signing of agreements on product distribution.

He completed specialized training abroad, in particular: JICA (Japan) courses on energy planning and management in energy markets; under the program BP & SOCAR az management in the energy sector – ADA University (Azerbaijan, Baku). He also took part in a post-graduate program on natural resources at DUKE University (USA) and others.

He is a representative of the Ministry at the International Energy Charter and a natural gas expert in the UNECE.