Nov 28th

Opportunities and challenges for Central Europe’s gas supply

A new opportunity is opening for Central Europe’s energy supply, and within it for its natural gas supply, said the Hungarian Minister

28 Nov, 2019
Nov 19th

Exclusive Interview with Mark Gyetvay, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board and CFO of NOVATEK

Mark Gyetvay, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board and CFO of NOVATEK gave an exclusive interview to us. He will speak at

19 Nov, 2019
Nov 15th

The IEA launches the WEO 2019: the impact of today’s decisions on tomorrow’s energy systems.

The International Energy Agency launched the World Energy Outlook 2019, which focuses on the impact of today’s decisions on tomorrow’s energy systems,

15 Nov, 2019
Nov 13th

ERDF invests 130 million euros to expand the LNG Terminal in Świnoujście

The European regional Development Fund (ERDF) invested 130 million euros to expand the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Terminal in Świnoujście, northwest Poland.

13 Nov, 2019
Nov 6th

Budapest LNG Summit is honoured to welcome HE. Yury P. Sentyurin, Secretary General of Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) as a keynote speaker of the conference.

70 per cent of the world's proven natural gas reserves are located in the countries which are members of the GECF.  The

6 Nov, 2019
Oct 30th

Denmark approves Nord Stream 2 construction

Denmark approved the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, of which 146 kilometres runs thorough the Danish Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)

30 Oct, 2019
Oct 25th

Participate in the Budapest LNG Summit and WIN a 3 days long LNG Master course in Barcelona!

A great opportunity awaits those who will participate at the Budapest LNG Summit on the 2nd and 3rd of December. Amsterdam-based Energy

25 Oct, 2019
Oct 24th

Hungary secures natural gas supply from 2021

“Croatia has begun constructing its liquid natural gas (LNG) terminal, which will be completed by January 2021, meaning that from that point

24 Oct, 2019
Oct 19th

Ukraine completes pipeline to boost gas from Poland, ahead of the termination of the gas transit from Russia

Ukraine’s operator of national gas transport Ukrtransgaz completed the construction and assembly works that will connect the new gas pipeline at the

19 Oct, 2019
Oct 12th

EIB to provide a 100 million euros loan for the Bulgaria-Greece interconnector

The European Investment Bank (EIB) will provide a 110 million loan for the construction of a gas systems interconnection facility between Bulgaria and

12 Oct, 2019
Oct 11th

Latvia to consider South Korean Kogas as main partner for the Skulte LNG Terminal project

Latvia is considering South Korean Gas Corporation Kogas as a strategic partner for its planned liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal near Riga.

11 Oct, 2019
Oct 10th

Exclusive interview with Benjamin Lakatos, CEO of MET Group

Benjamin Lakatos talks about the challenges in the rapidly changing energy industry, about the role of MET Group in the upcoming LNG

10 Oct, 2019
Oct 8th

FGSZ inaugurates gas compressor near Romania and becomes the sole operator of Hungary’s gas pipeline

Hungarian gas pipeline owner FGSZ inaugurated its new gas compressor station in Csanádpalota, near the Romanian border. The station will allow the

8 Oct, 2019
Oct 3rd

Novatek: US sanctions will not affect the Yamal LNG project

Russian gas producer Novatek reassured that the Yamal LNG project in northern Russia will not be affected by the recent US sanctions

3 Oct, 2019
Sep 26th

India’s Petronet signs LNG deal with Tellurian

Petronet LNG and U.S. liquefied natural gas developer Tellurian Inc signed an initial agreement under which the Indian company and its affiliates

26 Sep, 2019
Sep 24th

Top leaders of Shell, Tellurian, Novatek, ExxonMobil are talking about the role of LNG/natural gas in the energy transition and about their latest developements.

We are pleased to share with you some of the key announcements made by top energy leaders on Gastech, Houston. High-level representatives

24 Sep, 2019
Sep 20th

LNG in Europe: Current Trends, the European LNG Landscape and Country Focus

Global LNG trade is buoyant due to a wave of new sources of LNG supply. What were historically distinct, regional LNG markets

20 Sep, 2019
Sep 18th

LNG market in CEE has potential, but lacks infrastructure

With Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline nearing completion and amidst fears that Ukraine will not strike a new gas deal with Russian

18 Sep, 2019
Sep 12th

Exclusive interview with László Varró, Chief Economist of International Energy Agency.

Mr. Varró will be one of the speakers of Budapest LNG Summit. He talks about the role of gas in the energy

12 Sep, 2019
Sep 9th

Ministry objects to new charges for LNG terminal operators

ISLAMABAD: Amid the federal cabinet decision to incentivise future LNG terminals, the Port Qasim Authority (PQA) will charge about $25 million upfront

9 Sep, 2019
Sep 2nd

US to provide Poland, Ukraine with LNG as Zelensky slams Nord Stream 2

The United States, Poland and Ukraine have signed a trilateral memorandum of understanding aimed at securing the energy supplies of Poland and

2 Sep, 2019
Sep 2nd

Jean-François Cirelli and Charles-Eduard van Rossum join MET Group’s Board of Directors

Two new, very international members join the Board of Directors. Congratulation to the MET Group, which is the Platinum Sponsor of Budapest LNG Summit for becoming more and more international.

2 Sep, 2019
Aug 29th

Exclusive interview with Pál Ságvári, Ambassador-at-Large for Energy Security, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary.

He talks about energy security, diversification of gas supply, alternative routes and sources. Pál Ságvári will be one of the speakers of Budapest LNG Summit.

29 Aug, 2019
Aug 26th

Global Liquefied natural gas Carrier Market Outlook 2019- (Shell, NYK Lines, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines) – Future prospects of the US Liquefied natural gas Carrier market

The study is geared towards analysts, business consultants, managers and different key individuals as it covers important factual knowledge that makes the

26 Aug, 2019
Aug 22nd

LNG Upends Europe’s Gas Market

Low liquefied natural gas spot prices amid abundant supply and weaker Asian spot demand this year have helped Europe to fill its

22 Aug, 2019
Aug 22nd

New opportunities for US LNG to gain Greece-Turkey-Ukraine Gas Corridor

Moscow’s long standing regional dominance regarding LNG supply to Europe may come to a halt. Whilst the world focuses on the Russian

22 Aug, 2019
Aug 20th

Transgaz: Completion of the BRUA gas pipeline is expected by December 2020

The Bulgaria-Romania-Hungary-Austria gas pipeline was due to be finished this year, but unforeseen occurring events caused a halt in the construction several

20 Aug, 2019
Jun 24th

Hungary’s first LNG refueling station opens.

The newest addition to the Trans-European Transport Networks (TEN-T) is situated at the Szigetszentmiklós resting station of the M0 orbital motorway at

24 Jun, 2019