Sep 20th

LNG in Europe: Current Trends, the European LNG Landscape and Country Focus

Global LNG trade is buoyant due to a wave of new sources of LNG supply. What were historically distinct, regional LNG markets

20 Sep, 2019
Sep 18th

LNG market in CEE has potential, but lacks infrastructure

With Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline nearing completion and amidst fears that Ukraine will not strike a new gas deal with Russian

18 Sep, 2019
Sep 12th

Exclusive interview with László Varró, Chief Economist of International Energy Agency.

Mr. Varró will be one of the speakers of Budapest LNG Summit. He talks about the role of gas in the energy

12 Sep, 2019
Sep 9th

Ministry objects to new charges for LNG terminal operators

ISLAMABAD: Amid the federal cabinet decision to incentivise future LNG terminals, the Port Qasim Authority (PQA) will charge about $25 million upfront

9 Sep, 2019
Sep 2nd

US to provide Poland, Ukraine with LNG as Zelensky slams Nord Stream 2

The United States, Poland and Ukraine have signed a trilateral memorandum of understanding aimed at securing the energy supplies of Poland and

2 Sep, 2019
Sep 2nd

Jean-François Cirelli and Charles-Eduard van Rossum join MET Group’s Board of Directors

Two new, very international members join the Board of Directors. Congratulation to the MET Group, which is the Platinum Sponsor of Budapest LNG Summit for becoming more and more international.

2 Sep, 2019