Participate in the Budapest LNG Summit and WIN a 3 days long LNG Master course in Barcelona!

Participate in the Budapest LNG Summit and WIN a 3 days long LNG Master course in Barcelona!

October 25, 2019 | Budapest LNG Summit | news

A great opportunity awaits those who will participate at the Budapest LNG Summit on the 2nd and 3rd of December.

Amsterdam-based Energy Delta Institute, the institutional partner of the Budapest LNG Summit, offers the opportunity to win one free ticket for a Master Course in LNG, an intense 3-day programme in Barcelona (with a site visit to Barcelona LNG terminal.)

The course will focus on the major developments in the LNG industry, including the impact of new energy sources (such as unconventional gas) on the gas business and global trends in the context of the European security of supply.

LNG is playing an increasingly important role in the region’s energy (and specifically gas) supply mix, both helping to diversify energy sources and enhancing competition, in line with the strategy of the European Union.

The Budapest LNG Summit will be focused on the upcoming trends and challenges of the global and especially of the CEE’s LNG and gas market. The Summit will also focus on various topics such as main infrastructure developments in the CEE/SEE region; how to ensure the security of supply at the best tariffs; and the Ukrainian gas transit after 2019.

Other than getting insights from the best leaders in the industry (such as the CEOs of the three biggest LNG projects in the region), participants will have the opportunity to win the Master Course in LNG where several other recognised experts will discuss all parts of the LNG value chain, from production to transport and end uses, from a variety of perspectives – legal, commercial, political and social.

The programme includes a visit to the LNG terminal in Barcelona and involves e-learning as well as a case study How to produce and sell LNG in 2025.

The winner will be announced during the lottery that will take place at the gala dinner on the 2nd of December at the Spoon Boat Restaurant.

The Energy Delta Institute (EDI) is an international energy business school, whose mission is to bring together world-class knowledge and business skills to educate and inspire energy professionals so they can become the new leaders of a sustainable energy future.

Marcel Kramer, EDI’s president and member of the council of the international Gas union (IGU), will be one of the speakers at the Budapest LNG Summit.