A bit of oxygen for Eastring?

A bit of oxygen for Eastring?

September 15, 2017 | NewsRoomGnome | news

Entering a new phase

Not much has been heard lately of “Eastring,” a natural gas pipeline alternative, originally to the ill-fated South Stream, proposed by Slovakia’s natural gas network operator Eustream.

Signing a contract for a feasibility study on the pipeline, Eustream is touting it as a “new phase” for its Pan-European pipeline project including Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary.

Aims of feasibility study

Euroil, Hungary’s engineering and consulting firm, will carry out the study, according to Eustream’s news release.

According to Eustream, the aims of the feasibility study include definition of the technical, economical, financial and environmental details of Eastring.

Backing from Brussels

The European Commission’s Connecting Europe Facility fund is paying for half of the costs of the research, which is set for completion in June of 2018. Eastring is on the Commission’s “projects of common interest” list.

Eustream’s CEO says he believes Eastring will improve energy security for customers in Central and South Eastern Europe.